Your data cabling infrastructure could support your network for up to 20 years (longer than any other part of your network infrastructure) yet it probably accounts for a relatively small proportion of your IT spend. With the emergence of IP technology, from day one of your installation, the demands of your infrastructure will increase, so growth and flexibility is of paramount importance in the design and implementation. The quality of your installation and testing to the current standards is critical now that todays infrastructure is required for not just IT but IP telephony, CCTV, Access Control, Building Management Systems, Video Conferencing etc

At Elegance Solutions Limited we own multiple DSX-5000 Fluke Cable Analysers to test and certify our installations. Our engineers are trained by some of the UK’s leading cabling Infrastructure suppliers and all warrantied installations have the added product and performance support from them.

The DSX-5000 Cable Analyser enables cable testing and certification for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments – whether it is an existing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A or Class FA cabling system, the DSX tests to all industry standards. The electrically centered test plug results in the Level V accuracy designation introduced with IEC to support field testing to Class FA, 1000 MHz. The DSX exceeds the IEC Level V specification with less than half the allowable crosstalk margin, assuring you of higher confidence in results over the full frequency range. Higher performance cabling systems like Cat 6A have less tolerance to interference and less noise margin in general. Additionally, complex Alien Crosstalk link-to-link certification is simplified by integrating the measurement capability into each copper module for 10GBASE-T testing.

The DSX is the first field tester to support balance measurements including Transverse Conversion Loss (TCL) and Equal Level Transverse Conversion Transfer Loss (ELTCTL). TCL and ELTCTL are important measurements found in the cabling standards. They define a minimum performance for balance, the key parameter to help determine noise immunity. Industrial network owners/operators are especially interested in this property as it is a key parameter to help determine electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Once the static part of your infrastructure is installed, we can then assist with the cable management of your communications cabinets. So many times after the infrastructure installation the cabling system is compromised by the installation of none or inefficient cable management, incorrect length patch cords and fly leads that lead to ‘cabinet chaos’. This can easily be avoided by applying basic principles of allowing for control, growth and flexibility in the same way that you would do for your infrastructure.

Whether you require one or one thousand outlets, Elegance Solutions Ltd can accommodate your requirements. We have experience in all Shielded and Unshielded Systems from Category5e, Category6 to Category6a.

Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Greenfield installations
  • Moves adds and changes
  • Cabinet audit and tidy
  • Structured cabling audit and tidy
  • Product supply

We have experience working in all business sectors i.e. manufacturing, HM Prison Service, education, health, retail, Ministry of Defence, data centres, rail industry etc and are very experienced in working within strict guidelines and time frames.