The code is 2143 and upon entering it, the accessed light will illuminate. When the reset is complete, please press the yellow "Exit Access Mode" button.

To set the alarm system, enter your user code or present your tag and select the area to be set (A B C D etc), press yes and exit via the agreed route.

To unset the alarm system, enter via your entry route and enter your user code or present your tag.

Yes. Your compatible Pyronix alarm (Enforcer and Euro 46) can be set and unset plus many other features by using the ProControl+ app on your phone. See the following video for more information:

PAT testing frequency differs between the Class of the equipment, the environment the equipment is used in and the frequency of use. Please get in touch for more detailed information.

As a minimum, an EICR should be conducted at least every five years or after a change of tenancy.